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Egg Mayo as Afternoon Snack?


I'm having trouble with an afternoon snack- I'm lactose intolerant so protein bars, whey shakes etc are out of the window. I'm in an office environment, so I can't really sit down with a sandwich or microwave anything. I've tried things like John West tuna light lunch in the past but man they disagreed with me. As a thought, how about a pot/tub of reduced fat egg mayonnaise deli-filler?

230g pot:

300 cal
24g protein
12.4g carbs (1.6g sugar)
16.8g fat (4.6g sat)

The only issues i have with this are (a) the fat content (but we all need some kind of fat?) and (b) will the mayonnaise trigger my lactose intolerance? What do you think of it as a quick, easy way to fill a snack gap?

Any help/feedback?


Do you have a mini fridge at your desk? If so id drop in 6 raw eggs in a shaker cup with almond milk and just enough chocolate syrup. Tastes just like chocolate milk.

Pre shake it (i use a blender bottle) and stick it in the fridge.


mayonaise will not trigger your lactose intolerance, as it does not contain any lactose (milk sugar). the main ingredients are soybean whole and egg yolks. With regard to your question A, we all do need some source of fat, but the soybean oil found in commercial mayonaise is a horribly inferior source of fat.

Will your coworkers really hold is against you if you eat solid foods at your desk in the afternoon?


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Make your own egg salad. To boost protein/fat ration I use mostly egg whites(cook whole egg but throw yoke away), a couple whole eggs, 1 tbsp mayo and then this mustard thats like 1 carb per tbsp. The mustard adds taste, and makes it less dry at the cost of only 1 carb. 1 tbsp and two egg yolks is only 18g fat, then if you through in 8 more egg whites thats 44 ish protein. I am on a low carb/high fat diet so this works perfectly for me.


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