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Egg Industry - Cruelest in the World?



personally I think they should turn all the ground up male chicks in to some form of cheap bulking food.


"We have to ask ourselves if these were puppies and kittens being dropped into grinders, would we find that acceptable?" asked Nathan Runkle, the group's executive director, at a news conference in Des Moines. "I don't think that most people would."
Do we eat puppies and kittens? What are they supposed to do take them home and raise them?


fuck I dont wanna be a vegan...

One day I'll buy a chicken and a cow for my milk and eggs need.


I bet they have egg on their faces after this was exposed. It's whey out of bounds


I'll admit, I laughed.

Also, it's not that hard to raise your own chickens. I have 32 of them. They are pinned in a 15 x 15 piece of yard, they mostly eat scraps and rotted food from my garden. They have a big custom made coop and privacy boxes for the hens to lay the eggs and complete protection from prey....

They give me eggs, I give them paradise.

Come to think of it, something doesn't seem fair here....


Seems like a pretty quick and painless way to go (although a little gross to think about).


After reading the article, I don't have an issue wit it, really.

People want eggs. People don't want to raise their own chickens. The egg industry can't raise 200 million roosters every year. It would take forever to individually kill each chick. Also, what is more humane? A shot of something? Is there a difference between dying instantly in a grinder or dying instantly with a shot?

Yes, it is sad that that much livestock is wasted, when there are people out there who are hungry, but what are they supposed to do? Post 'free chicken' ads on telephone poles?


roosters can be reliable alarm clocks.

and also cock fighting.


I thought that puppies/kittens are what manapua meat is made from?


For fucks sake, it's a baby chick. Yes, they're small and delicate and cute. But they're really only one step above a rock or a houseplant or my wallet in terms of sentience.


LOL. I'm so stealing this to further my pursuit of internet celebrity.


"The entire industrial hatchery system subjects these birds to stress, fear and pain from the first day," he said.

If that's all they know, then how would they (the animal) ever percieve the difference? I can't stand when livestock are humanized like this. They're food. There really truly isn't a humane way handle an animal that's eventually going to be harvested for food.


You just made my day. I hope you enjoy yours too, you cunning linguist.


What's worse than the grinder thing is the fact that you are essentially eating a chicken's period.


Nathan Runkle, and his kind need to get a life!




gas ? painless


their sacrifice makes me stronger


thinking about it I am gonna get a goat instead of a cow. Take less space, eat less, and from what I heard you can have some fun with them

chickens + goat


guys, one thing I'm dying to know..

wheres the fucking video?

or am I just a retard and missed it?