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Egg Beaters // All Whites ???

Anyone uuse egg beaters?

They have the same exact macronutrients per serving as All whites, but the consistency is a lot more like scrambled eggs

Is there a reason to stick with the all whites?
Egg beaters are 99% pure egg whites, with some things added
All whites, are well…just egg whites

And replying with Eat Whole Eggs doesnt help, because I already do…Im talking about adding to the whole eggs…And rather than sifting the whites and throwing out the yolks I would use the whole egg and then add either egg beaters or all whites to it.

so…whats the pick…egg beaters or all whites?

I use whatever is on sale. I prefer the consistency of the Egg Beaters, but don’t really care either way.
All Whites + Yellow Die #5 = Egg Beaters.

Go with the one you like better. They are pretty much the same thing. I personally like beaters much better that all whites.

yea for me it was a texture//consistency thing…

And if you look its a 1% difference in ingredients as I stated above…

99% vs. 100%

same macros…but taste wise egg beaters are much more like scrambled eggs

thanks…anyone else have any thoughts?

i eat the egg beaters all the time. 30 cals per egg so u can have plenty

Lots n lots n lotsa whole eggs.