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EFS Prowler vs Rogue Butcher?

When I did my garage cleanout/gym construction last fall, my “Prowler” was one of the items that ended up in the scrap yard (it was a cheap-o, 50lb variant from Dicks that is no longer made, and I wore through the feet). Since I live in the Northeast, it wasn’t a huge issue since my conditioning would be limited to indoors anyway, but it seems like we won’t be seeing another snowfall again so I feel I should probably be looking to get a replacement sled.
Titan is my normal go to for equipment, but their Prowler variant looks to be a bit too cheap and I’d like to avoid needing to replace again (the lack of replaceable feet and periods of time they go without items in stock also factor in). As I understand it, Jim primarily uses the EFS Prowler 2, which is exactly twice the cost of the Rogue Butcher sled that appears to be the same weight, have same points of contact, etc.
Is there any reason why I should pony up the extra 200 for the real McCoy, or can I get by with the Rogue? Thanks to Sleepy Joe I’ve got enough money on hand for either, but I don’t want to dip too far into “emergency funding” if you know what I mean.