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EFS Knee Wraps

Anyone tried out EFS’s super heavy, heavy, or normal knee wraps? Was looking to buy a pair since they’re on sale right know.

I’m trying to choose between these, grippers, titaniums, or THPs.

Hey dude, check out this thread. It’s one of the stickies at the top.

But to answer your question, i have tried the all blacks and the heavy knee wraps. The all blacks blow the heavies out of the water. But regarding the heavies, they can be okay. But they are very stiff, even when broken in and that makes it harder to get a good wrap with them. In addition to being stiff they are thick which also contributes to that. Overrall not a bad wrap, but the all blacks are way better.

I haven’t tried the others you listed, but i have tried the rhino wraps and they are really good as well. They are also decently priced as well.

I have the Elitefts black and white, those are heavy i believe, they are good, but I honestly like inzer z wraps more

I read an article by coan once that explained the difference in fabrics and so on.

The inzer ones are easier to get tighter IMO. Mine are just too long, i will have to order a shorter pair before competition.

I have a pair of the normal EFS knee wraps (red-and-black). They are good…I don’t really knwo what else to say because I have never tried any other pair of knee wraps, so I have nothing to compare them against. I also wear them very very rarely, so I am not quite the expert, but when I do, I def feel extra stability on the descent.

I own the EFS Normal Knee Wraps 2.5, the Metal Triple Black Lines 2.5m, and the EFS Super Heavy 2m. I find myself wearing the Metals more than anything else. I have a tough time with the 2m super heavy wraps, can’t ever get them as tight as I’d like. But the EFS normals are a good training wrap, I’d recommend them for sure.