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EFS Elbow Sleves


I just got a pair of EFS elbow sleeves. I ordered the 3xl according to their size chart. 255 and up is XXXL I'm 265. I also measured my arm in accordance to measurements and this should have been the size for me.

I got them and they seem a little large. But according to their size chart the next size down would be 2 inches smaller at the top. I think that would be WAY to small and cut off circulation. Has anyone one had this problem with cotton/elastic sleeves before and had any luck shrinking them?


nobody else has had this problem?

Anyone else own these? How should they fit? Should you have to really pull them to get them on like the knee sleeves? When I put them on they're tight but not like the knee sleeves. Can anyone offer any assistance?

I hurt my elbow last week and I'm supposed to bench again today and I'm looking to get the most out of my workout without beating myself up.


I wouldn't try to shrink them. I have a pair of sleeves from Elite. The first few times I wore them they were almost uncomfortable tight. They have loosened up some with wear and I stretched them out some. I would send the ones you got back and get the next size down. You could go to Elite and ask Jo Jordan or Scott Yard in the QA section on powerlifting gear. They might have some ideas for you.


A lot of people seem to have problems with the sizing on these.

Supposedly APT is going to have their sleeves back in stock soon - maybe you can sell the EFS ones on Ebay.


I grew out of the XXL's pretty quick.

Once it got to the point where I couldn't even make it through a set with them, I got the XXXL's.

When I got the XXXL's they were a bit larger than I wanted, so I just pulled them up further on my arm. Now they are getting snug, but not snug enough where I have to pull them off between each set. These should last me till christmas at least...

ATP will never be in stock, they've been out of stock FOREVER!


APT should have them back in stock in the next couple months. They have a new manufacturer.


I just went ahead and returned them. I figure it'll be easier to loosen up the smaller ones than to try and shrink the larger ones.

I got a set of knee sleeves as well because they were on sale. They actually seem to fit just right. I've had a pair of APT convicts singly ply for a little over a year and they were getting a little worn out. I hope the EFS knee sleeves are on par with the APT. As of right now they seem good but after squat day tomorrow I'll know for sure.


Why not make your arms bigger, lol?

I think you made a mistake. They don't stretch for shit. Either that or my arms grew hella faster than they stretched.


Well that was my first thought actually. but I don't think it's my biceps but my forearms. I kind of have small forearms. My grip isn't an issue so I don't worry about it but I'm thinking that why the sleeves didn't fit. My elbow is seriously messed up now because I Didn't have any sleeves and I bench and squatted which aggravated it. Thank god for deload weeks.