EFS E-Books?

Hey guys, I just ordered the first phase of Strong(er) on EliteFTS, I checked out and paid for it but I don’t know how to download it. Do I have to wait until the weekday for them to send me a link or something?


Yeah…it does come in an email as a link.

But I guess the real question is whether or not it is completely automated or if requires human intervention. I really don’t know.

If you haven’t gotten it yet…then I’m betting it will show up tomorrow.

check your e-mails, they usually come pretty quick

K, its been a few hours. Probably tomorrow then.

I ordered the 3 days a week and 5/3/1 ebook and both times had to call them. A quick conversation had them send it over immediately. I think it’s suppose to email the link automatically but for whatever reason I’ve always had to speak to them personally.

Okay, I got to impatient and resorted to torrenting it instead.

Anyways now that I have it, I gotta say it looks dope. I’m super stoked to get started but I got one question.

Dave lists exercises in groups, for example here is an A group from a workout:

A1. Close Grip Bench Press 1 x 10-15
A2. Dumbbell Extensions 1 x 10-12(tripple set)
A3. Rope Pushdown 1 x 8-12(rest pause)
A4. Reverse Grip Pushdown 1 x 8-12
A5. 2-Arm Dumbbell Kickbacks 1 x 10
A6. Close Grip Push-up (neg. only) Failure
A7. Close Grip Push Ups Static Holds ¼ from top for 60-90s

S1. Tricep Stretch 1 x 60s

B1. Pec Deck 1 x 15(rest pause)
[and the workout goes on]

*All exercises are listed as 0 rest

Does this mean I’m supposed to complete this circuit fashion (one big super set) or treat each exercise separately?

Why don’t you just a post a link so we can, uh, help you out … /sarcasm

These questions could be answered at the site where you purchased. But yes, it does look like you do one after another as a big circuit super set.