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Start of a new log.

Saturday was Arms. I trained out of town again and tried out another place I haven't been too. It's much more of PL gym than I've ever been to, complete with Bumper plates, lifting platform, 2 racks, a REAL GHR, tires, sleds, sledgehammers, etc.

Too bad I was doing arms. LOL.

Anyway, to get the BAMF feeling on, I did dips with chains around my neck. Got up to 4 chains (100lbs) for 12 reps. BAMF!

Looking forward to the end of this log having some pics of some MF trophies!

EDIT: Julie, you might be interested in a field trip to this place. It was $8 for the day and I'm sure you and BB would get your $$$ out of the trip. It's in St. Catharines.


Fuck yeah...following.


straight up sexiness on the outside?

woot woot! i'm in for the ride :slight_smile:


It's hard to find gyms that have that kind of equipment and attitude. I'm envious.
I'm looking forward to following this BAMF.


New log? Hell yeah I'm in.



New Log eh

im in.


Great gym! Will you be going there again?


Hey Everyone! Thanks for following...

Leg Day.

Couldn't break it up into Hams and Quads today so had to mix Hams into the session tonight.

A. (Pre-Exhaust) Extensions - 4 sets
B. 1 1/4 Squats - 3 x 8 @ 185
C. WidowMakers (to parralel) - 225 & 275 -- this depth FRIED the quads. Guess I got my answer.
D. Leg Press - 5 sets
E. Lying Curls - 3 sets
F. Hack Squats - 3 sets
G. Dimel DL's - 3 x 15 @ 185
H. Extensions - 7 sets

Decent session. Right side TFL is VERY bothersome. This has also caused some issues with right glute. Very happy I have an RMT session tomorrow.

Cav, yes, I'll probably get back there again. Not regularly though.


Damn, that's a whole lot of work. TFL? RMT? WTF?



TFL = tensor fasciae latae
RMT = Registered Massage Therapist
WTF = What The Fudge


Man I'd drive a long way to lift in a place like that.


I'll send you the address Joe...


Chest and Abs

A. Incline DB's - 5 sets (12x90,3x8x95,*6x100) **help thru sticking point on last 2
B. Incline SM - 4 sets @ 200lbs
C. Machine Flyes - 3 sets
D. HS Decline - 7 sets

E. Leg Raises - 6 sets
D. Machine Crunches - 4 sets

Finally able to push to the 100's. Pretty happy about that. Wanted to get those before the diet down commences "hardcore" in 11 days.


Do you get the DB's into position yourself or do you have someone hand them to you?


I get them in position myself. Sit on the bench with DB's on knees. Kick one back as I fall back, and kick the other as I'm falling back.

Doesn't sound easy but it is.


Back Attack today

A. WG & WNG Assisted Chins - 6 working sets **I use lightest weight and primarily just use the knee pad for form sake.
B1. T-Bar Row - 5 sets
B2. Seated Calf Raise - 5 sets
C. HS Iso CG Row - 3 sets
D. HS UG Pulldown - 3 sets
E. CG Cable Row - 7 sets
F. Deads - 10 x 315, 2 x 8 x 365, (belt on) 5 x 405, 8 x 405

Jumped in on the DL's with 2 guys. My "warmup" set was 315. Friendly competition got me to 405 x 8.

Low back feels good (sore).




I hope your head stays on the right side of that line. Miss hearing from ya and hope all is well.


I'm familiar with the procedure, but those are pretty heavy weights.


All's good. Still "killin it" just don't feel like posting much.


Lifting stuff up. Putting it down. x a Bunch

Not very detailed right now.

Highlights have been DL'ing 445 for reps, 105 Dips to START my chest session, 20 rep leg press @ 10pps

Diet/Weight have remained consistent at about 202-205