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Effindgo Log

maybe I will log here.
maybe not
maybe go fuck myself.


bw 184 in gym clothes

mobility activation 890,0988,895 lunges
34,567 leg swings hip shoulder and ankle stuffs

A OH squat 95 3x12
B squat 135,2x5,185x5, work 225x5,255x5,285x8
C1 bss 50 2x12
C2 seated calf 2x20
D1 db bench 65 3x10-12
D2 db row 100 3x10
E1 1 leg leg curl 3 x lots
E2 TKE 3x lots
F pull down abs 3x15

1 hour 12 minutes bw low foods and sleep low.
creaky and crankiness high.

squats - narrower stance low bar- finding a good groove
belt only on top set- could have pushed 12 but 8 felt ok to stop.
adding more unilateral stuff back in - standing 1 leg curls and TKE
feeling good.
de bench- bleh - db row- little less bleh

thanks for reading.


Welcome Brotard.


welcome brotard

BRO! You’re too sexy for your Gi.

Nice training. Is it some long lost Russian specialization program? Incorporating Hiit with lunges and leg swings to fire you up in your fat burning zone?

What about your diet? Are you pulsing, fasting or just pulsing fast?

Thanks for the welcome peo

Hmm I do all that shit to stay warm maybe the recumbant bike is better.

Foods I eat them but I take a big perri workout shake of cornstarch
And whey and 50 grams ephedrine and 50 grams of sugar

Your protocol is similar to mine but I find its more effective when i add 15 Hail Mary’s exactly 15 minutes prior to training… and every 15 minutes throughout training.

Bro that a great idea to add some spirituality
A missing key from my training.

You should check out the cornstarch
Thickens the most anemic shake
Better carbs than waxy maize


Wats up Bro!

If you don’t mind me suggesting. I would add some cable cross overs and triceps kick backs to your current routine.

Will be following, hope the entire brotard clan is doing well

Fucking brotard…YES!

Thank you all.

Kickbacks and crossovers I will hink about those
I bet I need chains for those ?

I have a new pre training bar that I just ordered
They are loaded with proteins and carbs
Great for pre training or just as a good boost

They are called cinnabons
I get them tommorow will let you peeps know how they work

[quote]brotard012 wrote:

Kickbacks and crossovers I will hink about those
I bet I need chains for those ?

yes…and bands

Classic Name.
Must Follow.
Carry On.

I would kill for a Cinnabon right now.

Well, hello brotard!

Welcome Bro and lololzzzz!

Not enough curls but the homage to brodom gets you a free pass, for today.

184 bw? That’s kind of fat for your height. To what do you attribute you levels of fattiness?