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Effin Animals



Look at these animals. When you so clearly demonstrate such disregard for innocent life you should be culled from the herd, forever. Fuck parole. Fuck you. Rot. In. Jail.


The defense sound like idiots if they think that just because no one was hit, the intent is moot. Thank God the stupid perpetrators had shitty aim.

And I totally agree with your sentiments, BG.



and they think because they didn't hit anyone, they should be off the hook? What a bunch of degenerates.


Jail is too good for them.


Holy fuck.
This blows my mind.
And this is coming from someboby who's only usual surprise is that anyone is surprised how low humans can sink.


This is typical Philadelphia and ty8ical for some of our smaller cities (like Camden NJ and Chester, PA) too. As I tried to explain in the gun control thread a while back, if you're not from here, you don't understand. Decent people have to live along side those that simply do not give a fuck. The video clip did not surprise me one bit. Not even the fact that they were brazen enough not to try to cover their faces.


[quote]TheBodyGuard wrote:
if you're not from here, you don't understand.

That's exactly what my brain was telling me after I read the article.

Yes people get murdered indisciminantly in my city but this kind of reality does not compute.

Years ago a friend of mine's GF who was a nurse accepted a job in a major city in Texas. She lasted six months in their emergency department and came home. She could not handle the daily violence she saw. I remember her telling me "they just don't give a fuck".


In before someone says they should have used a shotgun.... (sorry, read to many gun threads on here)

Seriously, the article reads that the guy who complained about the women's child rearing skills dove on the same kid that was acting up earlier. So, that must mean that the women did not even make sure her kid was off the bus before letting the others open fire. Really? I mean, damn.


Saw this on another board...nothing to say, really. I don't think rape would be close to sufficient punishment. That kind of callous disregard for human life is beyond my comprehension.


That's why they'll probably go to prison, amirite?


One of the reasons why I'll never go into the law profession. If you're a defense attorney and you get stuck with a client who everyone knows is guilty, you pretty much don't have a choice but to make up some bullshit argument.


I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who seriously thinks these animals deserve anything but what BG prescribed ... There really is no room for these ... things ... in society ... none ... nada ... nil

This reminds me of those two females who beat that tranny(?) into a convulsion ... I think that was in Baltimore or something like that ...


The bus driver was a pretty quick thinker.


I think that was a different kid actually, but the mother who called the gunmen did not actually win her argument that she was a good parent.


I just got off the phone with a life long friend who lives here too. The sad thing was as we were talking, I realized, and told him (and he agreed), that as shocking as that video was to some of you, I was not surprised by it in the least. It's just another day in Beirut. It's hard to explain to someone who isn't from around here how a simple argument, a wrong look, a brief exchange - can very quickly lead to misadventure. The real problem is that there are plenty more like these kids out there right now. The part that bothers me is that EVERYONE on that bus was INNOCENT - even the guy that didn't "mind his business". I actually saw a "mind your business" comment on FB.

"Minding your business" is almost like an epidemic disease or a fucking plague. It's up to the good people in the world to NOT mind their business. I'm not talking about being nosy, I'm talking about being a good citizen and not looking the other way. Now, I don't know whether this guy was justified in his comments to the girl, but the attitude that we all just "mind our business" is just an extension of the the stupid ass "no snitching" culture that has been bastardized by this generation. In my generation, "no snitching" meant you did not snitch on your partner in crime. You get caught, you shut the fuck up and take your punishment. It didn't mean you remained mum while some 8 year old was shot b/c your dumb ass doesn't give a fuck about shooting guns recklessly in a neighborhood. Shit like that doesn't fall under "mind your business" or "no snitching". Mo matter what was said on that bus, didn't warrant this response.

End rant. I'm just sad that innocent people have to navigate life along side these animals. And I see no change in sight.


They should just be hung. Caught on video firing on a bus full of innocent people? Fuck them. They want to pretend it's the Wild Wild West, they should be held accountable as if it's the Wild Wild West.

It's not as if there's a shortage of people offering no contribution to society.


I may not be from there but I can defintely see how being shot at by people who truly don't give a flying fuck about human life could be a little de-motivating for people who might be thinking of NOT minding their own business.


Well, that was my point to Push in the gun control thread. When you have to live among people willing to do this, and I mean not just live among them in the City - I mean in your own neighborhood, it makes it difficult for decent people to be...decent. They are literally urban terrorists.


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Those people just want to get through the the day with as little bullshit as possible and just survive.

I've had 2 jobs that had me working and making deliveries in both Philly and Camden. Along with having girlfriends that lived in Philly and Chester.

(I used to party in Trenton, but that's another story)

In Camden, I worked for Conrail, in the Railroad yards as a brakeman. The other job was delivering hospital supplies to Cooper and St. Mary's hospital. Camden's downright scary. So is Chester.

I agree with you with everything you've said 100%, BG. You have to have eyes in back of your head in those areas.