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Efficient Mass Routine that Can be Done 2X/Week

Hey guys, beginner here with a complicated situation. I’m only able to hit the gym 3 specific days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have 3 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 1.5 hours on Wednesdays.

I’m looking for an efficient aesthetics/mass/size routine that can be done within those 3 consecutive days. So probably something that’s 2X/week (Tues + Thurs) or all 3 days?

I can also access a pull-up bar, treadmill, my own body, Bowflex and Bodylastics set on the other days.

I’ve searched around and found some info, but not sure if they’re the best for my goals and situation. For example, 5/3/1 3X without recovery days, Ice Cream Fitness 2X, Starting Strength 2X, and so on. I don’t know enough to be able to judge whether those are ideal.

Any recommendations?

With you being a beginner a would go for something like this in terms of training.

push session:
squa0t 4x10reps
bench 4x10reps
Press 3x8reps
front leg kick 4x10reps
close hand press up 3 sets to failure

deadlift 5x5
chin up 4x as many as possible
bent over row 3x10reps
ham curl 3x10reps
bicep curl 4x10reps

alternate between these 2

4 second negatives on all exercise other than deadlift. Increase weight when you can complete all Rep’s without sacrificing from.

just keep in mind that your success at this stage is totally dependent on nutrition. If you give a bit more info on your current physique and nutrition and overall goals then the advice can be a bit more specific.

oh and as I always say, this is gonna take time. Don’t buy into the gain x amount mass or beach body in 2 weeks bull. Think a few years rather than months.

If I could only train 2 days a week and the goal was mass gain, I’d do 20 rep squats.

I’m about 5’6.5" and 150lbs. BF% is around 20. Probably skinny-fat. Main goal is hypertrophy.

I’d say my nutrition is decent. I rarely eat junk food and never drink soda. Clean diet, already take omega-3, vitamin D, and sometimes magnesium. Been eating more to hit a caloric bulking target of 2600-2900 (according to a TDEE calculator) but I’ve been going 3000+. Haven’t been tracking macros, though.


Lots of full body training templates that span 3 days. I’m in the same boat (Mon, Tue, Thur) and I’m currently following Wendler’s 3 day program:

I also like this one as well: