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Efficiency/Time Management


So I just switched schools, and the workload is VERY challenging. I have to make the most of my time, or else I'll sink behind. I'm having trouble though. Specifically, when I sit at my desk to do work I find myself wandering off (lol ADD I guess) or I just don't feel like it. The obvious answer is to just sit down and work, lol. But this thread is intended to see how you guys deal with a heavy work or school load and manage time efficiently.


I don't deal with it...I can't.

My two jobs involve heavy internet usage (and lots of browsing) so I always end checking my Facebook, forums, newspapers, blogs, etc. at same time. When I'm on my main job, it's fine. When I have a task, I do it and then I can check stuff. But in my second job, which I do from home and I just have a deadline, I end being totally unefficient. Thankfully I'm very good at what I do, otherwise it'd be terrible.


haha. For instance, I have class on Mon-Fri. On Tuesday and Thursday, my classes are from 2pm to 5pm. And I want to hit the gym before school on those days. So I have it like this

8:15 wake up
8:30: Breakfast, Study
9:30 stop studying, go to gym
10:15-11:45: gym
12:00: get home, shower, eat
12:45-1:30 stuy
2-5 class


Just sucks that every time I sit down to study or whatever I always end up on this fucking site or doing something else!!! I need help from the vets! Maybe this is a pointless thread though


suck it up


Dude, that video just slapped me in the face. Thank you. I've been busting my ass and feeling like I'm not doing enough, and that video just essentially told me to 'shut up and work.' Thanks man!




That video was awesome.


i find it next to impossible to isolate myself from everything and sit myself down someplace quiet to study / write - unless i've got a serious deadline. i actually find it easier to focus if i put myself someplace that is a bit bustling / busy. coffee shop or something. not quite sure but it is easier for me to tune out the bustle and focus than it is for me to focus without the bustle.

some people find that. maybe it helps you.


I found that a varying schedule made it difficult for me to get anything done in college, which is tough because class schedules definitely change from semester to semester.

I used to wake up at 6am and hit the gym first thing. It sucked getting up early but you get used to it and will have to do it for the rest of your life soon anyways.

I did plan my routine around party nights though, no way I'd get up with a hangover and of course weekend training was ideal, you don't really have a schedule.

As far as classes, I had two three subject notebooks as I usually stacked classes 3 per day mwf and t-th.

I would study each previous classes notes while I waited for the new one and intentionally staggered them half an hour or so. This usually meant when test time came I could pretty much just review notes and be fine, outside of memorizing statistical formulas or economic charts and shit.

I really don't see what is so tough about your schedule though. You have your time blocked out pretty well. Just use a little discipline and stop stressing.


This for me too. I always needed some noise in the background to tune out.
I think the key is to make sure the distraction does not require your participation like a message board.


Where do you study?

I lived in the library, I lol at the thought of even attempting to do work at my house. someone was always slugging beers/smoking a bong/partying. If you live at home maybe its different but there a still a ton of distractions going to the library eliminates a lot of those.

Get your shit done during the mourning/afternoon. Everyone has class during the day and is on different schedules so nothing great ever really happens during he day. Lets be honest college is all about he night life so it just works. I always liked to stay straight during the week m-thurs get my shit done and then relax and have some fun on the weekends. Once you get good habits you should be fine.

as far as computers/internet go, that shit is addicting as hell so try to do whatever work you can without one in front of you. That may be impossible these days idk.


so ou wake up at 8:15 and go to bed around 5? what else do you do the rest of the day? Hell, I work from 7 till 4/5 in the evening as a graduate student (on a good day, sometimes I am here till 7 or 8 at night)....


4 hour work week will save your life.

Buy it now, it changed my view of the world.


When I started my career in professional services, I was easily working 60-70 hours a week.

In order to not get fat, I did the following:
- bought a professional ellipitcal trainer, a 50' TV and an Xbox360
- played 1 hr of Xbox 4 times a week while on elliptical, as soon as I got home ... which was usually 7-9pm.

On weekends I would do 2 massive workouts covering my upper body and lower body. Like 2 hours each.


I had a roommate once that said some very wise words, when asked about how he gets through the shit that he did. His response?

"It's because I just get it done."

Simple, concise, and effective. He was right, though. Ya just gotta get it done man.

(And please, for the love of Christ, do NOT think that this statement has anything to do with Larry the Fucking Douche Guy.)


^ haha.

@ Ratchet: No i DO NOT go to bed at 5 lol. After my classes I like to hang for a while then do other life things and then study more. I always want to get to bed by midnight but when 1am rolls around I'm always regretful lol.


Buy the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Read it. Read it again. Implement the process fully. I mean fully. Don't half ass it. Get the file folders, the label maker, create the context lists, let nothing escape being captured (read the book and you'll understand what I mean).


Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just said you have 7-8 hours of mostly free time every day.



Im in electrical engineering, so as a result, I have a grueling workload. Although I only really do it around exam time, but what i find works is going to school first thing in the morning and then not leaving until 10 or 11 or whatever deadline you set for yourself. Pack a shitload of food, bring your gym stuff, and don't let yourself leave. Also pick a course and smash through a bunch on a single day (I find this works better than trying to divide attention between courses), this way everything is fresh in your mind.

Additionally, working with somebody tends to keep you on task because if they are studying, you feel like you should too.


You dont want it bad enough yet. You're asking people how to stay motivated and get it done, why not drop the bullshit and get everything done.

It's easily said I know, but to be honest, it's easy done. It's just not what you'd rather do.

If you'd rather be a success and get where you want than browse the forums or get distracted, guess what would be easier? The work.

[Not meant to be offending you, just saying that when you really want something, you do it and it's easy]