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Efferding Calls Out Johnie Jackson and Ben White


Everyone's scared of Stan.


hahahahaha, the song made it.

I really like Stan, too. Strong as fuck.

800x2 raw? fucking a.




Yeah, A for animal.


The squat was awesome, but I don't think the Ronnie Coleman comparisons were accurate. Ronnie was 2 weeks out from the olympia in his vid. In the off season it was reported he could bench 500 x 12, he deadlifted 800 x 2 and could definetly do more in the off season and the squat goes to Stan although his form was suited for power and Ronnies was for pure hypertrophy.

With regards to Johnnie and Ben, Ben benched 500 x 9 raw, And Johnnie claims to be opening with an 825 lb deadlift raw and then moving onto 850 etc. We shall see.

Edit: I also don't consider knee wraps to be raw and in by no means am I bashing the guy, he is strong as hell and overall could definetly hold his own very well, if not win, against Ben and Johnnie, but I guess we'll never know.


Stan is fuckin awesome, the music really made that vid for me hahah.
Anyway, I do agree that the Ronnie comparisons were unfair.
That's not to say that stan is not an animal. They should include him into
the comp definitely.


and it was shot 02 or 03... He's been way bigger and stronger in later years... And he did those 495 after going pretty high in reps with 405, I think?

Hmmm.. How much does Ben White deadlift, and how is the whole thing judged... Do they consider bodyweight or not?


LMAO. Good shit. The song was a nice touch.

And did he just say he was the strongest raw lifter in the world? What?


I think it is a push pull competition so the deadlift and bench is what is being judged. I don't think bodyweight is a factor, just who could lift the most. With that being said I think Ben has a 600 something pound deadlift and if that's true his ass is going to get destroyed.


Nope, "number one ranked raw powerlifter in America" were his words.


Ben has a bigger bench than his deadlift then doesnt he?i saw a vid of him bench 675 suited anyway!


It sure does look that way. He is not a strong puller.


Check it:

I really like this guy, and awesome video by the way. I'd be talking shit too if I knew I was going to be left out of a competition worth 10k and I was the strongest raw lifter.

And CC, As far as Ben's deadlift he has admitted that he doesn't even train it so we shall see.


True. He has written entire paragraphs in MD about how he does not do deadlifts.


That video was off. Ronnie was WEEKS out from the Olympia in those vids. That is a huge difference from doing it in the off season.


I had never heard of the guy before today.


Those were some deep squats.


IIRC, the video of Ronnie squatting was not during Olympia prep...you guys are thinking of the 800x2 deadlift video. Of course, its not exactly like Stan is a fat fuck powerlifter in this video either...he's pretty damn lean.

Let's be conservative and say that Ronnie was getting maybe 60 lbs out of that old Champion or Z-suit or whatever he was wearing in that video...that would still put his raw max at around 780...nearly 50 lbs below what we saw Stan doing here raw.

Of course Ron's squats looked fast, but any dive bombed close stance squat wearing a squat suit is going to be fast out of the hole...that's why they wear them.

Stan Efferding won his pro card at Masters Nationals this year and literally came out of NOWHERE to do that. He is on his way to breaking the all-time world record raw total at 275...a number which has stood since 1972.

LOL at all of the guys getting butthurt over the possibility that SOMEONE might actually be stronger than big nasty. OH NOES! A powerlifter who's stronger than a bodybuilder? THE HORROR!

Don't get me wrong, Ronnie's still the greatest bodybuilder ever in my mind, but "World's strongest pro bodybuilder" goes to Stan, hands down.


Who is butthurt? I am stating FACT. You don;t compere an off season bench press with 5 spotters to that of Ronnie done weeks before a contest with only one spotter....especially since Ronnie was BODYBUILDING and trying to work on his chest muscles and not simply trying to throw up weight as in powerlifting.

To not point that out would be ridiculous.


How does him having 5 spotters there make any difference? He was the only one moving the weight. That was at Supertraining in Sacramento. Ask RRJC, he trains there...side spotters are standard procedure at powerlifting gyms. Ronnie looks like he hits failure on rep 5...I guess that's more impressive than someone hitting failure at rep 7 with the same weight because there was no one there to catch it if he didn't make it?