Effects on Exogenous Testosterone Levels?

A lot of things that lower testosterone levels lower the production of testosterone. Would that mean that, if we’re on trt, we don’t have to be concerned since our T is exogenous?

One thing in particular I’m wondering about is fiber. High fiber can raise SHBG and lower free test. Is this only a concern for natural rather than exogenous test?



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No, cos SHBG will attach to the test you’re injecting. Otherwise you’re right

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I believe when I was on metformin I had to inject more t to get to the same levels pre metformin.

When I stopped metformin i had to decrease t injecting.

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Ok, thanks. I was thinking a little while after I posted that the fiber-SHBG example is different since it is not related to test production. So I’m taking away that high fiber will still be a negative but something like alcohol will not.