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Effects of Weight Loss


I have lost roughly 30 lbs. I was 250 and now under 220. This weight loss and subsequent loss in size has caused my strength to suffer.

The main problem I am feeling is my form especially on squats and DL is very unstable now. I feel my core is very weak all of a sudden.

Does anyone have any advice. My first instict is to drop weights and start over at my new weight and re learn my form.


It would make scene to me for you to drop your weights down and work on technique.

If you don't feel stable I don't know why you would push through and risk injury.


Technique and form change at different weights due to changing levers. When I'm ligher, I find I have to narrow my squat stance. For bench, I work more on back flexibility for an improved arch since I don't have as much torso thickness, and for deadlift... well for me deadlift is unaffected in both form and weight lifted.


Makes sense. Have to check my ego as well. Thanks.