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Effects of Vodka?


Now being a college student, i tend to attend a party or 2 every now and then. On top of dieting and working out, how much would drinking vodka + crsytal light affect my body in terms of calories/fat/carbs and all that jazz?

or should i just completely back away from the alcohol?


Don't sweat it bud. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Drink in moderation to socialize.


The article's a few years old, but good:

Don't overdo it. Or at least don't overdo it to excess.


2g of peptopro per shot lol...


The worst thing vodka can do to your body is make you black out and bang a fatty.


I've been cutting for the last 8 weeks or so, I've lost 17-18lbs whilst getting stronger in my lifts. I would venture to say at least once a week during that time period I was from tipsy to smashed off sambuca shots, jagermeister, vodka and diet mixers.

Just make sure you keep the rest of your week pretty strict, you're young and can take a beating provided you keep up the hard work.