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Effects of T-Replacement


Hey All,
I'm going to be starting TRT soon. My bioavailable test level right now is 11 (normal between 45-85), so when the deficiency is corrected into the high normal range, we're talking about a major shift, let's say around 6x the available test I have right now. My estrogen is also really high.
I know when the hormone levels are corrected that my libido will increase, memory will be better,etc., but I'm wondering what effect this will have on my muscle mass,strength,and fat loss?

Anyone have any experience with this?

I'm hoping that my muscle and strength is going to increase. and I'm going to lose some fat mass, just because of the hormone correction?

BTW, I'm 26, 325 lbs. 6'6". I'm thinking that one of the reasons that I'm so overweight is because of high estrogen,low testosterone?
I do eat alot of junk though.

Thanks for any insights..


Mate - I'm still learning but chances are your estrogen is going to get higher on HRT. Has your Doc discussed E control with you?


Actually, my doc says that alot of the times when guys raise their testosterone withing normal ranges, estrogen drops.

I think it's when testosterone is taken in to supraphysiological ranges that estrogen becomes a problem.

He did say that if my estrogen doesn't go down on it's own, I'd have to take pills. I'm assuming that he's talking about arimidex.


Fixing your hormonal profile to ideal can do wonders for your BODY COMPOSITION. But you weigh what you weigh b/c of the amount of calories you consume. The right hormone profile will help you lose fat preferentially on a diet, however, so if you go on a calorie deficit diet, you can lose fat easier.


I guess you have to trust your Doc - but my estrogen levels have doubled taking only DHEA! Mind you my test has increased as well.



If you go on T replacement your estrogen levels are going to go up a bit. They will not just normalize on their own. You should talk to your doctor about taking Arimidex to keep estrogen low. Arimidex comes as a 1mg pill, so he may have you take 1/2-1mg on the day of the shot, and then another 1/2mg 3 days later.
Trust me if your estrgen is high now, it's only going to get higher once he gives you a shot of testosterone.


so you eat a lot of junk food. Do you also not excersise regularly? And when you do is it intense? Your poor diet and possibly excersise habits may be directly causing your hormone profile. I do beleive if you do this, it could be a lifelong commitment. That is a long time and expensive commitment at your age.


I appreciate the concern, but....
My level is really low, and I felt like shit for years, a decade. It's not very expensive at all, between $30-80/month depending if I have to take arimidex or not. And, it is for life. I'm looking forward to having consistently high testosterone levels no matter what.


I just emailed the doctor, asking him if testosterone levels can be corrected through diet alone. He said Yes,in some people, but that that isn't an option for me. My hormone levels are just too out of whack.

I do appreciate your opinions,though. I want to review all my options, but it turns out that I don't really have any except TRT or feeling like shit.


That's actually pretty damn cheap. If this really is a last resort type thing, then it's an obvious decision. I don't have personal experience with HRT, but I've yet to meet a person that was not very pleased and did not lean out some and gain strength with little effort. I'm actually looking forward to the day that I legitamitely need it, lol.


Did you ask your Doc about his thoughts on DHEA as an alternative? Would be interesting to hear.