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Effects of Steam/Hot Foods on the Body


Now this may be another one of my "retarded" posts, but I have been curious about this for quite some time.

      We all know that smoke is bad for the body, (and I'm talking about ANY smoke.) But what about steam? Say you are eating a bowl of hot clam chowder, what's happening in the respiratory system? What's going on with the heart? It would seem that steam could be just as dangerous. I know that smoke and steam are completely different but if you can burn your hand with steam, couldnj't you be burning your lungs?




I think this belongs in the GAL forum.




It condenses into water when it is inhaled.

OMG wait...I can drown from inhaling steam????!!!!1111


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Dude just imagine the amount of steam your body is submitted to when you take a hot shower. Or when you lay a "steam"er for the matter...wait what


Steam .....the silent killer.


Why would someone put hot food on their body?


If you have food in front of you with steam coming off of it hot enough to burn your skin, you probably would have a hard time putting it in your mouth to begin with, let alone swallow.


Good point. I this is what I needed to hear. Hmmmm, a litlle off topic but I wonder which burns more CALORIES, hot foods & drinks or cold ones


Most likely cold foods, especially ice-containing foods like icecream, slushies and ice water. Your body has to use its own heat (energy) to heat the food or liquid up to body temperature.


x2, especially the ice cream... because your body has to work extra hard to breakdown the awesomeness.


Steam is only safe to inhale if its coming off the steamer I just took in your bed.


Cold ones, kinetic energy flows from areas of high to low. Cold foods will absorb heat from surrounding tissues in your body, which your body will have to replace... but I doubt eating cold foods all day will create any sort of large caloric deficit.


Fuckin 08ers.


True story.


Alot of hot bitches my friend


When I was a child I suffered from pretty severe asthma. I used to sit in steam baths to open up my lungs. Worked very well. I also noticed eating very hot foods would open me up from the inside because of the steam. Very odd but very helpful.