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Effects of Starvation Diet

after researching more i realize how horrible the diet was and it was not safe weightloss. the calories were far to low. i experienced this: pulse of 42 BPM, i was ALWAYS freezing, lost all sex drive…these are some symptoms of hypothyroidism!

since eating normally my heartbeat increased, my weight leveled off at 128ish, and im not freezing anymore…but could i still have a thyroid problem? is this something i need to get looked at ASAP?

Unless you have actual symptoms of a medical condition, I’d stop obsessing with all these questions.

If you do exhibit such symptoms, please seek medical attention and don’t expect qualified medical guidance for a minor on this forum.

those are the symptoms ive experienced when i was on the shit diet, now im off it things are normal. i figure you guys are experts at “cutting” and can tell me if these are normal in periods of dieting because metabolism will inevitably slow, or if this is something i should still check out even though things are normal now