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Effects of Smoking

I am about to start the three growth surge stages. I have all the required supplements.I am keeping a food log also these days. My concern is that i smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. How harmfull can that be in halting my growth.Ur help on this will be greatly appreciated.

it smells like shit.

seriously man. give up the grits! obviously much easier said than done. i actually quit about 14 months ago after smoking for 7 years (almost a pack a day!) i quit the day after i found out my mom had cancer…that day i threw the pack out the car window and haven’t smoked since. It’s probably the hardest thing you’ll EVER do in your ENTIRE life, but definatley the smartest thing!! like i said, it’s easier said than done…but, i would start out by making a list as to why you want to quit (it will kill me, smells bad, will prevent gains from lifting, etc…) as well as the benefits from quitting (live longer, get HUGE, feel better, more energy, won’t smell, etc…) and carry that list around in your wallet. I could go on and on…but you really have to want to quit!! good luck dude and when you finally make it happen you will feel like you can conquer the world (ok, maybe that’s a lot).

Man, if you are investing time into “fixing up” your body, then why are you smoking? I’m assuming you are training to look better…right? Don’t you know that smoking can prematurely age your skin? You’ll look older faster, especially if you’re light skinned and blonde. Good job choosing training…now go all the way and put down the cigarettes.

In my opinion it will have an effect but I really don’t have anything to back this up but mentioning the usual stuff (like reduced blood flow etc.). However I had a very remarkable experience. When I was young I used to smoke at times (hey - you needed to if you were cool back then:-) And didn’t even Rocky smoke in the movie…). So once I happened to smoke a couple of cigarettes about 1-2 hours before working out. My weights for that workout dropped about 10% compared to my typical workouts. I don’t know if other guys had similar experiences, but I sure stayed away from cigarettes anywhere around workout times (before and after). At 10 cigarettes a day I bet you would be able to at least double your gains if you stopped. And again - this is just my guess (together with my own experience from back when I smoked) and I have no hard facts to back this up.

Wow, very confusing. You smoke, yet you have invested in supplements and are maintaining a food log? From what I understand, your body will not be able to absorb (for lack of a better word) all of the essential nutrients necessary for your goals. Due to the cigarettes. In other words, if there was someone built just like you, doing everything the same as you (training, nutrition, supplementation) but NOT a smoker, that person more than likely would experience greater gains than you.

I dont think there have ever been any studies to prove that your bodybuilding will suffer that greatly from smoking. Of course an educated guess would indicate “yes”. But educated guesses arent always correct. Thats why they have to prove them with studies.

Just cut down to a good after supper cigarette. Maybe after sex too.

Give em up. I stopped in January after 18 years of up to 20 a day. Lifts are up by 30%, cardio doesn’t need AR after 15 minutes (might be why I’ve dropped around 8% BF) and my wife hasn’t elbowed me in the head for snoring for 6 weeks. Seriously, at the risk of sounding like a born again non-smoker, drop the smokes, spend the money you save on supps and enjoy feeling superior to all your smoking buddies. It’s only hard if you think it will be.

Only weak-minded people smoke!

cigarettes stink & nobody likes them. Unless they’ve got pot, then you can get high. Tobacco is just a waste of money. Even if you didn’t train it wouldn’t be good.