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effects of smoking

All right I need a little help here. My friend is wanting to start lifting and get into shape. This is great because I will have a training partner now. The bad thing is he doesn’t want to stop smoking. The only thing I can think of to get him to stop is that his training will suffer from it. So can you guys give me some other reasons why he should quit. Thanks.

It depends on what he’s smoking. I see no point whatsoever in smoking tobacco, but with pot at least you get high. Any kind of smoking is bad for training though.

How about being able to breathe. Is that a good enough reason?

I time he will quit. Especailly if you guys do cardio!!! Keep the work-outs intense and he will quit smoking. It just a matter of time.

Hmm, let’s see… 1)It’s extremely expensive. 2)It makes you reek. 3) You derive no physical pleasure from it. 4)It kills you. And not in a pleasant fashion either. Honestly, smoking is about the single stupidest thing a person can do. It makes more sense to develop a habit of bashing your head into a concrete wall repeatedly. At least it’s free and doesn’t make you smell bad.

No, you’d be surprised. I am in the same boat as dynosar. I need a training partner and my friends just smoke weed and sit around.

Theres not much you can do…maybe tell him to check this site-http://www.whyquit.com/

Ummmmmmmm it causes ED!!! That’s reason enough. :slight_smile:

I’d tell him ONCE that smoking can impair training progress, and let it go at that. Perhaps, as he trains, he will learn to focus on his health. However, everyone in America understands that smoking is harmful, and nagging him like an old lady won’t help him quit. It will also put undue stress on your life. Simply acknowledge that some people make stupid decisions, and let it to at that. Of course, if he starts holding back your training progress, you’ll have to ditch him as a training partner.

It makes you smell like ass. I will not let anyone smoke around me. Unless im at a club or something and then you cant help it.

tell him chicks dig non-smoking doods

You need no reasons, effects of smoking are common knowledge, like drug use. Just be glad and thankful you now have him getting into shape. Don’t expect him to do everything healthy at once. Above all, don’t be a nag to him.

Doesn’t smoking also limit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients? I have asthma and I don’t understand why people smoke. I would give ANYTHING to not have to carry my inhaler with me anymore. Well, think of it this way,while you’re movin’ and groovin’ and improvin’ your cardiovascular and making gains in your weight training, all the while your partner is still huffing and puffing and not seeing such gains - he’ll hopefully figure it out and either quit the cigs or quit the gym. So you have to think NOW, do you want a training partner who will be reliable and has similar goals as you - or NOT? While I can understand you not wanting to nag your friend - but does he understand what “in shape” means? And how cigarette smoking underminds that goal?

Not saying that smoking isn’t bad for you but I smoke and I lift for 1 hr 6 days/week and do cardio for 20-30 min 3-4 days/week no problem. I’ve often wondered if my gains have suffered but from everything I’ve seen smoking probably helps with fat loss. I’d like to see a study on this but doubt one will surface. I have seen a study that indicates permanent shrinkage of the penis from smoking though. You’d think I would have stopped smoking the instant I saw that.

well i saw and article on kilosports a while back saying grits dont really affect weightlifting progress, but… it definately is not healthy and everyone knows that.