Effects of Skipping HCG Injections?

Hey folks,

I just recently had HCG introduced into my TRT protocol about a week and a half ago. I travel for work here and there, and was thinking it might be easier to just miss some injections instead of trying to figure out a travel plan with keeping the HCG refrigerated. I’m currently doing 500units every 3 days; say I go away for about a week and thus skip an injection during that time, are there any real issues to be concerned with? Would going a week without the HCG have a big effect on fertility or undoing any benefits of it? Since this portion is new for me I’m still in the process of learning the ins and outs of HCG.

One week of missing HCG isn’t going to nudge you too far in either direction, it’s not like you’re going to lose fertility.

There is no guarantee it will do anything for fertility, if fertility is compromised this is when you add FSH injections.

You ever consider lowering your dose just in general? Even half of that might suffice.

Haven’t had time to analyze anything yet, only started hcg about two weeks ago and this was the starting dose my doctor gave. Does it sound too high?