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Effects of Power Drive

I am on the Fat Fast right now and although my strength is still there, I find that I am tiring easily in the gym, no doubt due to my carbs only being at around 8-12 g a day. I was thinking about getting some Power Drive to take a hour before my workouts to give the mental boost I need to get through my workouts. I have read all the info on from the mag, what I want is some feedback from you guys who have taken it on how it made you feel and did it work for you. Also I know it is zero carbs, but what are the calories in it. Thank guys

Good stuff, man, especially when on a low carb diet. Helps with the stupor and helps with workouts. It has no carbs and 15 cals a serving. I used it with the anabolic diet.

I love the stuff my favorite preworkout formula is:
1 scoop power drive
2 md6
1 cup of coffee
1 cup of mineral water( it makes the therms spread faster)

And then I’m ready to tear the house down.

Same here…Powerdrive is a good supplement. Helps ‘wake you up’ for sure, although you’ll still need some caffeine or something if on the Fat Fast. I’m on my second day of Fat Fast dieting, and have been using Powerdrive along with coffee. Only 15 calories per serving! (and it’s got a nice sweet orangey flavor, so it helps with the cravings too!)

Thanks for the input guys. I am already taking MD6 and i will add Powerdrive to the mix for the extra boost in the gym during my Fast. Day 5 down, 25 more to go.