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Effects of pot

Hey everyone. I’m 19, 5’6" 160 w/ 9% bodyfat. I’ve been endlessly searching for information on the effects of smoking pot on bodybuilding. Please, if you have just “heard” stuff, don’t reply. I have heard that it lowers testosterone from some, and that it just lowers motivation from others. What is the deal? Will it kill my gains if I don’t eat more and keep working out?

if your serious about making gains dont do pot or drink.

thc is a toxin, that’s why it gets you high, so what do you think smoking a toxic substance is going to do to you? and even if by some small chance marijuana won’t HURT you it sure as hell ain’t gonna HELP, so grow up

It does lower your T levels (i think it can be found in a article by JMB called “T and your lifestyle”). Loss of motivation is a tough thing to quantify, but I am lead to believe that frequent usage of pot will lead to a decrease in motivation.

It didn’t slow Arnold down much. It is fairly well known by the guys that worked out in the gym that Arnold got high a couple of times a week as a minimum. Speed is pretty tough on the body and Mike Mentzer was pretty famous for doing that to excess. He did 6 months in jail for an episode that started because he was delusional from doing meth. Some of the biggest body builders around my area are just as excessive in their use of recreational drugs as they are in their use of performance enhancing drugs. They may not live as long as the rest of us but it hasn’t kept them from being pretty damn huge. Pot probably does cause a lowering of testosterone temporarily. Whoopee. A few hours a week of a slightly depressed T level will not be a noticable effect. Of course if you are taking any kind of “hormone supplement” it won’t matter at all.

the reason it didn’t slow Arnold down is because he was juiced up.

The truth is most studies don’t show much of a negative effect from marijuana smoking and is actually a pain reliever that should be used medically without restriction. Aside form the fact that it is illegal, there is nothing supporting some negative effect that is any worse than drinking alcohol and definitely nothing as harmful as steroids.

I know it will kill your gains if you are locked up in jail with Leroy “Big D” Williams. The only workout you’d get is a sphincter muscle workout. Lay off the drugs. Why do people ask such stupid ass questions.

Marijuana (active ingredient THC) is NOT a toxin. It hasn’t been related to a single death nor a single case of cancer. As far as recreational drugs go it is probably the least detrimental to your bodybuilding.

Actually, THC is a toxin. Anything that is ingested by the body has the potential to be toxic if ingested in high enough quantities. However, the toxic dosage of THC is ridiculously high and it would be almost impossible to die from overdose. I doubt that smoking a little pot in moderation is going to have negative impact on your results, but the key is moderation. Also, it is hard to stay on a strict diet when you are high. So maybe every now and then is ok, but a few times a week might have an impact on your .