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Effects of Metformin on TRT?

Getting my 8 week bloods done this morning. The doc is doing a full panel, minus E2 and SHBG because they don’t have an order for sensitive E2 test through their lab. I’ll just order those through Lab Corp or something in the next couple weeks. Anyway, the subject came up about my blood glucose levels as she told me to keep an eye on them for the last month, which I have and it’s not been the greatest news. Fasting has never been below 106 and can be as high as 123. Two hours after a meal I’m still around 120-140.

During the discussion, she told me that if it doesn’t get any better then I may have to eventually go on metformin. I know nothing about this particular pharmaceutical, so my question is this… Will this have any effect on my TRT? Will there be any other added concerns for a guy on TRT if I wind up having to to take this drug?

Thanks for any replies.

I take Metformin now and remember reading it can depress T levels. I am not diabetic. My fasting blood glucose had been around 100 in the mornings, sometimes over, but I had been taking Gabapentin for nerve related pain and always thought that had something to do with it. My blood sugar comes down to 100 or so 2 hours after eating but I’m always around 100. I was having trouble losing weight despite rigorous exercise (which is one of the reasons I’m here) and asked the doctor to put me on it to assist weight loss. Within 4 days of taking it my pain problem vanished so that’s a miracle right there. I was able to stop Gabapentin completely.

Make sure if you have to take it you ask for ER (extended release) version of it as it’s better tolerated. I don’t see what the issue would be as long as you are taking it consistently. I would imagine that you will just have to adjust your TRT protocol accordingly depending on your bloodwork once you stabilize. (i.e you may have to take more test but maybe not ). One thing about Metformin is apparently there is some talk that it has anti-aging properties. It makes me a little woozy and messed with my sleep at first but my body seems to be adjusting.

Thanks for the advice brother. I’ll be finding out by the end of the week if I’m going to have to go on it.

Metaformin has been shown to have an anti aging effect and there are currently studies under way for this use.
Check it out

Yeah I’ve read that. I’ve also read that it helps with lowering blood pressure too which would be a plus.

I also read that while it can down regulate blood glycogen levels, the effects of vigorous exercise can also further lower glycogen levels. If that’s true, then I would think that I’d have to be very careful because I workout hard. I don’t want to completely crash my blood glucose, and I also want to make sure that I have a high enough glucose level to properly feed my muscles during workouts. Sound like this could be a catch 22?