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Effects of Lysine



50 percent increase in muscle and 33 percent in bodyweight in 6 weeks


I think ill wait until significant studies come out, other than on old women and animals, to see whether or not this applies to humans...

Dont get too excited :slightly_smiling:


i see that it's also good if/when you have herpes.



i like that you're thinking outside the box.


While the study illustrates the importance of lysine in the diet, it doesn't really tackle the benefits of lysine above and beyond simply what is needed for the body to adequately function (wheat is deficient in lysine, hence the supplementation). This study looked more at adequate levels vs. deficiency, as opposed to possible benefits of increased lysine intake above what you would normally need.

Lysine is an essential amino acid, so you should be mindful that you are getting enough... however, simply obtaining protein from a variety of sources - including complete sources (beef, chicken, fish, etc... "bodybuilding foods") at the levels most of us should be aiming for - ensures you will be getting enough to not have to worry about being deficient.

Based on this study alone, I would only consider supplementation if I was a weight-lifting vegetarian (who passes on eggs and milk). And, even then, only if I skimped on my bean intake (rice + beans = complete spectrum of EAA).


I heard Boron will raise T levels.... -lol



Or for women, inside the box...

Regardless, years ago Poliquin mentioned Lysine in one of his articles, 1-2g Post-Training I believe, which was supposed to help with muscle soreness. It's not overly expensive to try that particular protocol out if anyone has serious DOMS problems from 2-adays or some such.


oh i see what you did there...

I remember Poliquin also recommending it for times when you're overworked/overtrained as a way to facilitate muscle recovery. Never tried it myself but hey, its cheap.


Yeah, after my exam on friday i'll be upping the intensity of my training again. Maybe I'll give it a shot after acouple of weeks baseline training, see how we go. Not expecting anything dramatic - or indeed anything particularly noticable, but why not.