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Effects of Growth Hormone Genatropin?

how would takeing growth hormone effect my muscle growth
and what should i concider

You should google your question then ask about what you think you understand. Do a little research on your own.

I�??ve read it can increase energy sexual libido muscle mass lower body fat improve mode and slow the ageing process

But that is just there sales pitch

So if you read that and knew it was coming from a biased source why didn’t you read some stuff from a non-biased source. That’s what research actually is.

i was looking here for none biased info from users but i can search more too

I re-read my post and I sounded like an asshole. I didn’t mean to come across that way.
Your original question is simply too broad. It would take pages to cover it fully. Read as much as possible from multiple sources.

At some point you’ll be able to pick out the good info from the bad. Information you pick up may not be ‘bad’ per say, but it may not apply to your situation/goals. Asking specific questions is the best way to get solid answers.

This was a good read - a good basis to beginning to understand the mode (that IS mode, not mood) and actions of Growth Hormone in the body:

And Bonez - you ALWAYS come across moody… :wink: