Effects of Fat Loss with Dairy Consumption

so ive been told if i wanna cut i should just cut out dairy completely? i was at the grocery store today and i figured fuck it and got some nonfat cheese and skim milk, i dont understand why these things would be such a detriment to fat loss

A lot of people have low level lactose intolerance, so consuming dairy can cause a cortisol spike, among other things. For a cut i.e. an extreme diet to get in contest shape, this can cause problems. For normal weight loss, dairy probably won’t cause a problem unless you’re very sensitive to lactose. However, if you stall out on your progress, you may want to remove dairy and see if it helps.

The reason I avoided it was primarily because of Lactose and the impact it has on insulin. Because Lactose sugar spikes insulin more than most other sugars I dropped it during a cut. I did keep cheese in though…

Like the above posters said, it probably won’t matter as long as you’re in a caloric deficit unless you’re lactose intolerant.