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Effects of EQ with TRT?

I’ve been scouring the net trying to find out how eq will affect trt bloodwork. I’m on trt and I’m running eq also; almost time for followup labs for trt. What labs does eq affect? Will it show an elevation in my T levels? Thanks in advance brother.

It’ll show increased RBC and HCT. Like, hugely elevated. If it’s high enough and your doctor is even semi competent he/she will consider lowering the trt dose (and telling you to donate blood). It can also mess with e2 numbers, but that one is more of a mystery and isn’t uniform among users.

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Ok, so no elevation of T levels? I just don’t want him to lower my dosage bc my test levels are too high. I just wasnt sure how/if eq would affect those specific numbers. My docs a bit of a gear head himself so I feel he’ll do me right as long as numbers permit him to.

Yea when I said interventions I meant I would do the blood donation myself lol. I try to stay on top of that even while just doing trt alone.
Thanks brother

Hard to know, depends on the way they’re measuring serum androgen concentration. Its very possible for boldenone to be picked up as excess test

HCT/RBC may be elevated, depends on individualistic reaction, however boldenone is notorious for causing elevations in RBC count.

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If it’s not too late you could get your own labs (4weeks before)to see where you are and make adjustment based on those before your labs with your dr.

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So I am on TRT w test cyp and I’ve decided to stack a cycle of EQ (without my docs permission (shame)). So I am only about 3 weeks in w the eq and I am coming up on time for my TRT bloodwork followup.

My question is this: Will EQ show as test on my bloodwork, or cause my test levels to be higher than they would be if I was only taking the test cyp? Thanks fellas

I don’t think EQ will come up as testosterone in a blood test but, EQ is very well known to cause erythrocytosis which is the creation of more red blood cells and an increase of those cells could be seen in a CBC. But it depends on the dosage and length of cycle

Ok. Thanks for the input. I am aware of the increase in rbc’s; I am doing regular interventions to take care of that (I’m an RN also).