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Effects of Eating Before Getting Labs Done for Testosterone

Before blood draw at LabCorp for Defy lab I ate a protein shake (milk,peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, bannana) + taco Bell fiesta potato breakfast burrito. I was hungry and didn’t think it would be affected.

Lipid are the big ones and she mentioned that specifically as for reason to come back another morning fasted. I said no.

Apparently 200mg Test cyp on day 8 esulted in 887 Total T despite 100mg resulting in 757 back in July. I thought it would be like 1200-1400 actually.

I’m actually prescribed 160mg/wk split into two but I took 200 cause the week before I did 120 and thought it would be the same. However the blood draw was for 200 in the previous 7 days.

Mine was 1233 on 100 mg, 2 days after injection. And 704, 8 days after same injection. (One injection per week)

I’m on TRT and was doubling up for a few weeks. I thought if I quit using the topical a few days before would dive bomb my levels. Nope. So I googled how to skew the test. If one drinks a large coke(or other high sugar drink) an hour to and hour and a half prior to blood draw it will temporarily lower testosterone levels. I did this, and my levels went down to around 700. This ensured my dose wasn’t cut by the dr. As far as fasting labs, I always fast. Best to get accurate numbers on lipids etc. Plus eatting prior will change your glucose numbers. So they will think you are diabetic. Also, cholesterol isn’t evil. The body needs it for hormonal production and a myriad of other things.

But I didn’t have a high sugar drink before test. My test levels of 200mg in the past week gave me only 887 Total T. When it was 757 on 100mg in a week back in July.

I was meaning to temporarily hide a high T level by drinking a huge soda. I did it to somewhat cheat the system. I didn’t want my test gel dosage lowered.

Holy crap I drink caffeine free zero calorie soda almost every day. Does that affect it? I didn’t the morning of my labs tho.