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Effects of Dropping NaCl from System?


Hi guys,

Currently taking in about 6g NaCl (sea salt)daily and 6g K (potassium citrate) per day total. I've heard that you can get a more ripped look by cutting salt intake a day or two before a weekend to thin out and thus look more ripped. Is there anything to this in such a simple plan.

  1. Do you lower the salt intake on thursday morning or friday... and if you want to keep the water weight down through the weekend do you keep the NaCl (sea salt) until a reload on the following Monday.

  2. Will the K (potassium) kept at 6g per day effect anything? Or should this be lowered in conjunction?

***Bill Roberts are you out there??? lol


From what I understand that that will only work if you're already lean.


Yeah I kinda guessed that one...thanks though.


What are you doing to supp that much potassium? crapload of pills?


Rhino, doing the V-Diet right now and around 12% BF. Since the diet is very low in Salt and Potassium, I'm supplementing each day with measures of seasalt and potassium citrate mixed in water. Also calculating the NaCl and K from the actual diet. This helps with feeling flat during the day and getting the most from my workouts. This amount is taken in daily to avoid up and down water retention.


I have no experience in water-manipulation cutting tricks. That said, yes, dropping sodium intake typically does temporarily yield less water retention, but as already noted, this makes a big difference visually only if quite lean.