Effects of diet soda on your diet

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Sorry to hijack this thread. I couldn’t resist!LOL.

I’ve been out of touch with Command & Conquer since my college days. What is the latest version? Where can I download a free copy (not necessary the latest version) and how many MBs is it? Thanks!

Actually I hate the Ordos, but you two stole the best ones. To continue on with further changing the subject of this post, the newest games are Red Alert 2 and C&C Renegade. In Renagade you take first person view in the C&C world. Ill take a protein shake over pop anyday.

Diet sodas and regular sodas usually contain three very harmful dietary ingrediants - sodium, phosphoric acid, and aspertame. Sodium, in any amount, without at least twice the amount of potassium per mg of sodium can contribute to hypertension, water retention and disruption of your nervous system’s electrical impulses - to name a few. Phosphoric acid draws phosphorus and calcium from your bones and teeth contributing to tooth decay and bone mineral losses. And aspertame is a neurotoxin that converts to wood grain alcohol at about 102 degrees F. That’s simular to what is used for embalming fluid. This should be of particular interest because the body’s “normal” temperature is 98.6 degrees F!

Thanks for all your feedback everybody. I have noticed some water retention, but I just need a little caffeine during the day to keep me going. I just got a little nervous with the amount of weight that I’ve gained over the last 3 weeks. I’ve been even more worried since my pants are getting tighter. But this should be expected. Thanks again.

Id like to know what fricking idiot ever started that diet soda is high in sodium, wtf , if someone had the least bit of common sense to read the can they would find out how wrong they are…instead of taking someones word for truth, evidence of sheeple once again…BTW i love that walmart carbonated flavored water also that stuff is the shit, i drink it when i get the chance!.