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Effects of Cortisone Injections

What’s up guys. I’ve been dealing with golfers elbow for while now and my orthopedic doctor suggested a cortisone shot. I’ve had one before when I was 16 and had great results from it. I am now 24 and about to enter my senior year of collegiate baseball. My real passion has always been bodybuilding. Do any of you guys know if cortisone shots cause muscle atrophy ? My injection will not be intramuscular. It’s directly to the tendon.

Corticosteroids or cortisone shots can cause muscle atrophy of the area of injection. It will be important for you to strengthen and rebuild that area.

Thanks for the feed back. I did notice significant atrophy in my right bicep but I am currently rebuilding it

I just find it strange that my bicep was damaged even though I received the shot in my right elbow tendon