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Effects of Androsol on Minors?

What are the effects of Androsol on a minor?? (ie someone 18 years of age) The bottle says 21 but a buddy’s brother of mine wants to really try this stuff out but is wondering what the negative side effects are considering his age. (deepning of voice,more facial hair,acne etc etc) I do not consider those to really be much of a worry but does it go deeper then that? He is thinking of doing 30 sprays twice a day for 2 weeks because of his age. Any suggestions or opinions?

At 18 your friend will be producing more juice, naturally than he probably will be at any other time in his life. Even with the smaller doses and two week cycles why mess with what his body is doing so well on it’s own? We keep hearing over and over, but it is really so essential to understand the importance of proper eating and training. Make sure that that is taken care of and he can really take full advantage of his body’s naturally high test levels.

Yes I understand this but if he’s going to do it anyways then there is nothing I can to stop it but I do worry about his health, hence the question. He has a solid eating plan taking in 4 to 8 tables spoons of flax per day, 2-3 weight gainer shakes along with his normal meals and has been keeping that up for about a year now and does work out properly in the gym.

Not ALL young lifters are the typical “bad ass hat backwards, back swinging while curling/neglect legs type kid” etc etc.

Well, it can’t be expected to be a disaster – plenty of teens have used full blown steroids in high doses and gotten away with it, though for all we know Lee Priest would be six feet tall if he hadn’t – but it can’t really be recommended either.

Side effects are probably same as for anyone else but the whole issue of how increased androgen levels may affect development in individuals who are not fully mature yet simply isn’t known. So it can’t be recommended.