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Effects of Alcohol


-Does alcohol have a catabolic effect/ is there a negative (more than the obvious) effect on muscle gain.

My friend was telling me that it has a catabolic effect (makes you lose muscle) so i wanted to check this before i go out tonight...

Respond ASAP please.



Based on the tone of your post I'm assuming you plan on getting wasted tonight. Yeah, that's not gonna help you build or maintain muscle.


alcohol is seen as a totally bad thing by bodybuilders mostly because it decreases testosterone and is high in calories (plus comes with carbs if you drink beer).

BUt, think about this: alcohol is a vasodilator which means it could help send more blood to tissues, unlike the NO2 supplements which are a scam.

Some alcohol after a very intense workout and after s postworkout drink, at a fun party? Maybe it is not such a bad idea considering the fun you could have.


Life is short. Alcohol isn't good for you, but don't worry about having fun with friends and getting drunk if the negative is decreasing protein synthesis by .1844%. Ya gotta live a little.


I was just having this conversation with my brother today. While alcohol will likely kill your protein synthesis independently of testosterone, I agree that sometimes you need to let go and have fun.

He's only 17... uh, I mean 19 (the legal age in Canada), and should be enjoying life rather than worrying about muscle growth.

I'm living vicariously because I just can't bring myself to drink. LOL/tear


Moderation is the key.

I would say even a drink a night wont hurt you and several sources say it helps.

Now going out and getting ripped nightly for several years is another story. Let me tell you it will NOT help your physique.

Getting ripped every now and again. Well thats gonna happen as well. Just dont make it a habit and you will be fine.

Like Dave's example if his bro doesnt do it now he will regret it in the future. I remeber and dont remember WAY more than my fare share of nights do to being chemically enhanced/declined. No regrets though. Live and learn. It was a lot of fun then, just not my cup of Joe now.

Clear as Mud?? Good. LOL



This kids in high school. Should we be encouraging him to drink?

If you're spending money on testosterone enhancers (I hope you're not) and drinking, you're wasting your money twice.


One must live life! If you are going to drink it's actually better to get ripped on occasion than drink all the time. Damn sure lowers t-levels and compounds estrogen.

You can do some things to protect yourself such as taking Silymarin and a compound called Chaser which is homeopathic antitoxin. Oddly enough i was told that the Soviets weightlifters in Moscow would drink the equivalent of two bottles of Stoli EVERY DAY. They also smoked(volleyball players too).
Brandon Green


Agreed, Dave. Sometimes you just have to have fun. Anyhow-bodybuilding efforts will be hurt by consuming alcohol for a host of reasons (many mentioned), but that doesn't mean you can't get big and lean when drinking moderately sometimes or having the occasional bender. People do it.


Sigh. Not true. Supposing you get drunk twice in a month, it doesn't mean that testosterone enhancers won't help your training the other 28 days.


Okay. But who gets drunk only twice a month?


There are those of us that choose not to get drunk at all because we view our health as more important than a few hours of losing control of our behavior.

I've never understood why so many poeple feel they have to drink to have fun. I have more fun without drinking.


Just make sure your blood-alcohol level isn't this high. D'oh!


Chris Freakin' King! My old Arch-Nemesis! Check this out...I completely agree with you! WTF?!


Basically, what ChrisKing said.

Nevertheless, I guess everybody should get primed once in his life in order to loose the notion that he is missing out on something if he doesn't consume alcohol. Skoal.


You're right, who get's drunk twice a month? I usually get drunk every few months.


heh, I get drunk like twice a year. I lead a depressing life though, so your milage may vary.


Fair enough. How about 4 times a month? I probably got drunk once a weekend in high school. Usually had a game or meet Saturday morning and didn't drink the night before that. I'm not arguing that it's good for your training, but I certainly don't think it means you need to throw in the towel and can't have great results. I don't know whether it's really necessary for someone that age or level of development, but I wouldn't say that a testosterone enhancer or other supplement wouldn't still be of some benefit because someone drinks a few times a month.


I respect your viewpoint. I like getting drunk sometimes, but I don't need to to have fun. I don't really think I'm that much worse off for it.


the only way for some of you to have fun is to get drunk..thats sad.....I never have been drunk and I never plan on it.....I have been to many clubs, weddings..and everytime someone thinks Im smashed...because Im having so much fun and dancing. Most never know that I have never drank a drop of alcohol in my life.

Alcohol is the simplest sugar out there, and actually shuts off your bodies ability to release fat.