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Effects of 50mg Cyp vs 100mg?


I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I read the "Protocol" sticky and it mentioned that 100mg will raise T levels to 800+, but I was wondering where 50mg will take me. I just had my scrip changed from 100mg once a week to 50mg twice a week because I was feeling the dip around day four.

My Total T was at 648ng/dL (range 175-781) and Free T was 186 (range 47-244) on day 4 after my once-a-week shot.

Will the numbers be better or worse with 50mg twice a week?




the total dose is still 100mg weekly (more or less).

since you are stabilizing the amount of T in your system, you should see some increase. how much all depends on how fast your system clears out T.


I guess my thinking is: If a single shot of 100mg boosts someone to 800+, wouldn't 50mg do much less? Or is it that since T Shots are sort of "time-released" that since the 50mg shots are so close together time-wise, then the resultant T levels are virtually the same?


I believe the half-life of testosterone cypionate is 8 days. The numbers will average the same, but you shouldn't experience that 4-day letdown.

The common complaint here is that most doctors won't dose more frequently than x weeks! Don't complain.


Totally not complaining! =)

It actually took a lot of HINT HINT HINTING to get my doc to split my doses to 2 times a week (I guess I could have just done that on my own, but it would mess with the blood testing he wanted me to do...also I don't care to reuse needles). I CANNOT believe some doctors actually prescribe 200mg once every four weeks! How great those guys must feel on days 1-8 and then crap days 9-28! Even once a week shots were messing with me.

I was just seeing if there was a quantitative difference in total T levels between one 100mg shot and two 50mg shots.

I've noticed that today (day one of 50mg) I don't feel quite as amped as I have with the 100mg, but close enough to count. And if I feel the same when I do my second shot and can avoid the trough then I'll be incredibly happy. Looking forward to not spending two days a week glued to the couch!


yes, it takes time to build up your system to the ideal levels due to the overlapping shot cycles.



Someone recently posted this site and I found it very useful in calculating different protocols and effects of total Test Cyp.
100 MG every 7 days creates a peak of 200 MG and a low of 110.4 MG, which is a 90 MG swing.
50 MG every 3.5 days creates a peak of 170.7 MG and a low of 126.7 MG, which is a 44 MG swing.

A lot of guys post that their Doctor has them on a 200 MG every 2 weeks protocol.
Look how that works out.
200 MG every 14 days creates a peak of 266.6 MG and a low of 73.7 MG, which is a 192.9 MG swing.


this also assumes that every single person clears T out of their system at an identical rate.

some people have high clearance rates (super livers, enzymes, etc.)

I for one drop from 1500 on day 2 to 600 on day 4 when I was injecting 100mg weekly. I have to inject every other day to maintain consistent levels.


I'd also point out that where the IM shot is administered greatly affects clearance. I read a study where (iirc, don't quote me on the exact figures) a shot into the delt resulted in an effective half-life that was half as long as a shot into the glute.



That is very interesting, I wonder why. I wonder if sub Q makes a significant difference in half life. I assumed that half life was based on the medicine not on the injection sight. I will have to look for research on that.

I wish I could stick my finger and get a T reading, like diabetics do with Insulin.