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Effectiveness of Tribex 500

Like most everyone, I tend to be very skeptical regarding supplements. However, if you haven’t tried tribex 500 yet, please do so.The stuff works!! I watch my diet, do 2 full-body workouts per week, and take creatine, whey protein, ZMA, multi’s, C, E, Udo’s Choice or Flax oil. My training was going fine, but I thought I would see if Tribex would give things a “bump”. It did and I am 55 years old!! My question to you guys is three weeks on and one week off goofy or not? I have been a avid Testosterone reader since 98’ and have read that cycling is advocated for practically everything. I would appreciate some feedback from some “veteran” (and I don’t mean by age) Tribex users. Thank You.

TC recently wrote something about going 5 days on, 2 days off (weekends) and staying on all the time. Haven’t tried it, but it sounds good.

You have been reading T since '98, and you’re doing 2 fullbody workouts a week? I hope that was a typo, or I misunderstood what you meant.

I’m 44 and also find Tribex helps me however the increased libido effect seems to wear off after about 2 weeks so I cycle off for a week or 2 and have had good luck. I have never tried the 5 days on 2 off but that may be the better way to go. Also, I’ve been stacking M with Tribex recently and have had even better results. I highly suggest you try M also and from what I’ve heard, M doesn’t need to be cycled