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Effectiveness of T-Bomb II for PCT


I was wondering how effective T-Bomb II is for PCT. I'm going on a cycle of the AMS's 1-Andro and EST's Hemadrol-30 (with the proper anti-estro's of course).

Are there any other supplements that are better for PCT? Will T-Bomb II be effective enough?

I'm 6'3" 185, with about 5% body fat.

If there's any more information you need feel free to request it.


What the hell is a T-Bomb II?


It's one of those "Testosterone Boosters" they sell at GNC


So I take it this isn't going to be nearly effective enough? Would Nolvadex be something that I should look at instead?


I can't recommend anything. You are taking a designer PH - those things are dangerous. I can advise you on what to do with real gear - but I make it a point not to know anything about the fake/designer crap.

No offense intended here - but if you are going to do a cycle - why not use stuff that is more than a fly-by-night end run around the PH ban? Why not take the real deal - that way you can ask for, and receive competent advice?


No offense taken, I understand where you're coming from. To be honest, I don't trust the one source that has it for sale in these parts. If I can find someone that I trust, I'll gladly use the real, safer stuff.

I was considering ordering from our friends up North, but for whatever reason I've been reluctant to try. I guess the thought of losing the order to customs is enough to scare me into submission - not that there would be any political ramifications stemming from the seizure.