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Effectiveness Of Protein Powders

I created this thread to be an openly discussed forum on everyones personal thoughts on protein powders. Since I started training 4 years ago I’ve always used protein because I’ve always thought what harm can it do. and up until this last year I was never dedicated to using it all the time and drinking it immediately post workout. But I’ve been listening to Artemus Dolgin and that has forced me to reflect on the actual effectiveness it has on me personally. Since then I’ve stopped using protein powder and I still hit my daily 220g of protein through Whole Foods.

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Protein powders seem to make me hungry, hold water and every so often (depending on brand) put on body fat, which is why I stopped using them many years ago.

Competitive BB’s also cut them out close to contest time because quite frankly we can’t be 100% sure of what’s in them.

Food will often digest slower and may contain other beneficial co factors

It’s a quick, cheap and easy source of protein. I can’t throw a steak in my bag and have it ready and consumed in a few minutes while on the go.

It also doesn’t taste as good and isn’t as satisfying IMO. I also cant sit around a table and have a social protein shake meal with friends/family.

There’s no real debate about whether you need protein powder, ofcourse you don’t but it may make things more convenient, simpler or cheaper for you. These are not bad things.

Do you get any side affects from protein such as an increase in body fat and bloating or a thicker skin feeling? Also just your personal opinion but what do you think about the amount of protein companies say their powders have?

That gave me a bit of a chuckle because I actually do throw steak into my bag, but I’m an idiot with a fondness for cold steak lol ; )

I agree with you 100% - powders are good for many people for convenience and price… If someone can be bothered cooking food they can. It’s up to the individual

young bro unless you pay for chemical analysis on every batch of powder you buy there is no way to be absolutely 100% sure that any product is exactly as stated… there’s plenty of incentive for some manufacturers to cut corners given they will most likely get away with it and the penalties meager since it most likely won’t kill someone

You can buy bulk 20kg bags from dairy manufacturers/distributors, which is where most manufacturers source their product from before adding things and repackaging

yes I do notice bloating etc, but the same could be said for certain whole foods… I look and feel different on steak vs salmon for example… everyones body has its quirks ; )

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very true

a lot of people stand by amino acids but a lot of the amino acids on the market look like pre workout to me. what supplements do you use? I’m currently taking 5g of creatine post workout along with 10g of L-Glutamine with fish-oil and L-Arginine just for the pumps

There is some decent research showing protein powders post-workout are very effective for elevating protein synthesis. Likewise, faster absorbing varieties can induce hyperaminoacidemia. To me, this makes them worth consuming for those purposes alone.

I use a fish oil and evening primrose oil for its GLA and that’s pretty much it ; )

I figure I can get protein and micronutrients from food and I really like to eat so…

I have to admit that if there was just one time during the day that I’d want to take them, it would be pwo… I wonder how much of wheys perceived effectiveness is due to the insulin bump vs actual PER post workout. I have no idea or theory here, but it is interesting…

There have been a few studies done from several years back showing the effects of post-workout protein alone, versus carbs alone, versus protein and carbs, and the former is very effective on its own. The key appears to be leucine, which triggers an insulin rise while stimulating MPS. This is why, I believe, a post-workout shake featuring carbs is not required unless you are focussing on glycogen replacement. Even then, this can be achieved through diet.

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oh fuck yeah - Jerry Branium quoted a study which concluded that protein synthesis increased with increased protein intake up to 70g PWO (with 40g being the top out point at other times) ; )

I don’t do carbs PWO but have found that a large can of pink salmon (which has 70g protein and 16g fat) to be more effective vs my other ‘go to’ meals, which are usually 7 whole eggs or a small portion of red meat

I’ve found that (for me) a small amount of red meat really fills (and dries) me out… I’m talking just 150g raw weight. It’s unreal ; )

Protein powders are like fast food - you can use them in a pinch but should not rely on them as a staple. This is from someone who’s spent way too much on these over the years (in my 20’s and 30’s), based on a false belief they were needed to get and remain strong. It was a simple test - stop taking them and see happens. I lost no strength, but gained some extra cash in my wallet. Plus, you definitely feel better eating real food calories and not concoctions. Let’s face it - 99% of the supplement industry is based on scams and huge mark ups. They take some cheap byproduct, put it in a fancy looking plastic container, give it a tough-sounding name and some unverified claims, and charge us $50+ for it. No thanks. I’ll stick with eggs, nuts, fruit, veggies, and meats for my money.

As for a quick on-the-go post workout? I like bananas, almonds, or beef jerky (check ingredients) and then get meal in within the next hour or so.

Real food protein is better, but not convenient and even impractical in a lot of situations.

Also buy quality whey, and not stuff that’s been doped with BCAA’s to make the numbers look better than they really are.

He’s also talked about eating 3-4 steaks a day. Elsewhere, he’s said that he doesn’t use any protein powders but does use BCAAs and glutamine. So just keep perspective on what you read.

Protein-wise, I just have Plazma before and during training (highly branched cyclic dextrins and hydrolyzed casein) and Mag-10 at night (hydrolyzed casein) (every day, training or not). I’ll occasionally use Metabolic Drive (micellar casein and whey) in a pancake recipe if I feel like changing up breakfast.

Some fast protein and carbs during training would also help with pumps while actually providing nutrition for growth and recovery. This article talks about it more.

thanks man I’ll definitely give it a read

have you noticed any significant gains while using your supplementation routine? Originally I would workout and then post workout drink 50g of protein and 40g of carbs with a cup of blueberries mixed in and a tablespoon of coconut oil but since I’ve stopped it doesn’t seem like much has changed.

Nope, it’s great. Solid food doesn’t feel the same for recovery for me than protein powder.

I can understand that it’s not that good if dairy don’t fit you well like alot of people. Personally I don’t bloat from any food. I could make gluten and dairy the staple of my whole diet and it would great.

Have you ever cut down or competed and still implemented protein powder into your diet?

No, I dont compete. Never been “shredded”

I have been lean at one point, now I am not lean but not fat either. Dairy has nothing to do with it, it’s burgers and fried pickles