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Effectiveness of Anavar Only Cycle?


I was just wondering what peoples' views are on the efficacy of an anavar only cycle in terms of muscle gain?
I appreciate test is usually considered a staple in any cycle, but I was curious to hear Jason Blaha suggest that an anavar only cycle would be a reasonable choice for a first time AAS user, and would be as effective as a comparable dose of test.

The idea of using a non-aromatising AAS for a cycle has always intrigued me as, in theory, it should prevent any early closure of growth plates, such as in the shoulders, which tend to be the last part of the bone structure to stop growing.
But hitherto, Iâ??d always been of the impression that an anavar only cycle, whilst good for promoting hardness, strength, and fat loss, would not be very effective in terms of muscle gain.
Blaha argues that per mg, anavar will give you as much keepable gains as a commensurate test dose, which has led me to question my preconception that anavar wouldnâ??t be good as a standalone drug for someone looking to build mass.

Just to clarify, I havenâ??t planned this or any other cycle; Iâ??m just looking to improve my knowledge on the subject at the moment.

Do people think an anavar only cycle, costs aside, would be a reasonable choice for someone looking to do a lean bulking cycle?





Why do people continually want to do an anavar only cycle? I mean why? WTF why?

Baffles me. Anavar from my experience is primarily used precontest at fairly high doses for a short amount of time... It is not going to make you huge or gain any appreciable muscle on its own ffs.


Anavar only cyce is great!

If you are a pussy. Literally or figuratively.

Anavar only will fuck with your test production without any direct replacement. So for women then not a worry while with men you are just fucking yourself.


Var is underdosed and overpriced. If you have money to spend then fuck it do it as your first cycle might as well gains are gains. But be warned it will be expensive and underdosed so pop it 100mg a day 8 weeks.

Main reasons why people tell you not to do var only -

-Gains are minimal
-Shuts you down
-hard on lipids


Bro it's simple. These are men that faint at the sight of a needle.

Most won't go to the doctor, the fear is that strong.


Thanks for the responses.

Just to re-iterate, this isn't a cycle I have planned; I had heard from Jason Blaha, a guy who's supposed to be pretty experienced and well read on the subject, that anavar as a standalone would be effective for gaining muscle mass, and I was just trying to reconcile this claim with what I had previously heard which is that an anavar only cycle would be something of a waste.

I'm still very much in the learning stages on the subject of AAS, so I'm just looking to get as good an understanding as I can to help make an informed decision if/when I do my next cycle.

So just to clarify, the claim that it can lead to similar gains as with test is false, judging by optheta and bauber's comments (not to mention suppression and adverse effects on lipids)?

Thanks again!


I would agree an oral only cycle is not a good idea but I think the thing that drives many people towards an anavar only cycle is fear of hair loss. Anavar is hair safe but testosterone isn't.


No offense but 90% of the idiots who continue to ask and run a Anavar only cycle know so little about AAS I am willing to bet they don't even know hair loss could be a issue.


If you are worried about hair loss, I would not even fool with aas.



Read as much as you can. Before you ask questions like this try the search function. You'll get flamed a lot less. Many questions that you have will have already been answered here, repeatedly. There is a sticky for first cycles. Read it. It is very informative and everyone should read it. Never stop learning. You can't be too educated.


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I used to be one of them. You know what I did?I took a serious dose of man the fuck up, grew a set of balls, and stabbed my right thigh with a 21g 1.5 inches as my first shot. From that point on, everything else is alike a breeze.


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Thankyou, installglass.

I have/had actually done a fair bit of reading (although, as you say, I should and will continue reading as there's so much to learn) and had been of the impression that an anavar only cycle wouldn't be wise; it's just that the aforementioned Jason Blaha video I watched suggested that such a cycle would be a lot more effective than most people give it credit for, so I thought it was best to try and talk to some more experienced users (perhaps those with first-hand knowledge of the compound) to try and reconcile his claims with what I had read elsewhere on the subject.

The response seems to be pretty unequivocal, so I guess I'll steer clear!

Thanks again.


Read the first cycle sticky. I know I already said it, but I think it's important. It answers a lot of questions that may come up later and it's a great guide to setting up an effective first cycle. You should probably have figured out by now that injectables are the way to go. Most veterans see people who are asking about oral only cycles as whiny little bitches that have no business using AAS. The way it's looked at may be an exaggeration but it is true that if you can't stick yourself with a needle you shouldn't be considering AAS.


Try 23G 1.5 inch in the glutes. Like going through butter.

25G or 27G are better, but subcutaneous injections are the way to go. Have you seen this:


You use this method?

How about you Walkaway?

Just curious how many of us have adopted this protocol.