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Effectivenes of Self MFR and Stretching

I would like to hear other peoples views on the results they’ve had with Self MFR(roller, tennis ball, LAX ball, etc) and stretching/mobility drills.

Are you all seeing significant improvements with these?

or would one not get the full benefits unless they see a trainer, PT, ART Provider?

I am considering seeing an ART Provider but am not sure I want to spend the money it won’t be much better than Self MFR and stretching.

A really good therapist is going to be better but if you are in a jam Self MFR is brilliant. Worth the money depending on your particular problem.

don’t be lazy - do it yourself. of course people make gains in working on these things!

it can certainly be helpful to get some assistance along the way. there might be classes you can go to where they teach you about rolling or stretching… there is a lot of information available on the internet and in books… i’ve gotten help from people by asking questions about specific things, too.

i’d certainly pay someone to give me a hand now - but that is because i think i’d get better use of it now that i’m approximating the limits of what i can do for myself. of course i can always continue to learn more… but there are only so many hours in the day and lots of things i want to learn about…