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Effective Weight Cutting

ok here’s the question…i normally don’t cut weight for my grappling tourney’s…basically just go for whatever…and not care…but this tourney has some jacked up weight classes so i decided to cut down a lil bit. i started at 194 about 7 weeks ago…and right now im floatin around 185 in the morning or so…so i didn’t give myself enough time to diet down wisely…

anyways i need to get to 179lb by sunday…

anyone have any tips…i live w/ a former wrestler and he is tryin to give me a few tips, but id like a few more reliable sources

Cut out all salt from your diet. Stop drinking. Have some tea before you go to bed, and I sometimes even recommend a shot of whiskey as well, to aid sleep and as a further diuretic. The weight should fall off.

how long out should i stop drinking water??? and green tea before bed every night until sunday???