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Effective Training for Busy Men: How's This Setup?

So due to my schedule and other responsibilities I’m having to cut my training back alot, so with Jim’s workout program being abbreviated it seems to fit me well

however only thing I’ve had to change is the Deadlift & Squat as I have lower back issues and currently going threw physio so been told by the physiotherapist and chiropractor not to Deadlift or Squat until they give the green light.

So is this ok?

Workout A
3x5 Chinups (palms facing)
1x15//3x8-10 Bench Press
Assistance Work - 2x10 Hammer Curls

Workout B
1x15//3x8-10 Rows
1x15//3x8-10 Overhead Press
Assistance Work - 2xF Lying Tricep Pushdowns

He said to feel free to use different exercises according to your training and your programming.

I’m just wanting to know if it’s good to go or if I’m missing something (dont say lower body I’m well aware haha)

I know you’re limited in your lower body capabilities, but could you add some things like KB swings, DB clean/presses, snatch grip high pulls, or bodyweight lunges/squats? Seems like these would at least keep the whole body primed and getting little bit of work to the lower half.

If you have access to a sled, you could replace squats with sled pushes and deadlifts with sled pulls. I would check with physio first though.