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Effective Surge


If my budget limits my Surge intake to only one serving on workout days, is it better to take half a serving during workout and half right after or is it better to take the whole serving directly after my workout? Remember:BUDGET!


Yeah, start sipping it healf way through your workout then down the remainder when you finish. Follow it up with a whole food meal 60-90 minutes later or whatever you usually do.


I'd bet that in the long term, you won't notice a difference either way.

Choose whatever's more convenient, or whichever makes you feel better (having something in your stomach while working out vs. maybe feeling more energy).

I personally don't like drinking anything other than water during a workout, but I take some protein about 10 minutes before.


YES agree find what works for you. For me it would actrually be prior and during. The real food after.

More than one way to skin a cat.