Effective Supplements

Creatine, protein (BCAA’s) and MRP’s aside, what is the most effective supplement you have taken? Let’s discuss supplements that really work and give noticeable benefits.

For dieting, an Ephedrine + Caffeine + Tyrosine stack. Glutamine for recovery. That’s about all you need.

Fat loss- MD6/T2 stack. Muscle gain- Androsol plus lots of food of course.

FOOD!! 'Nuf said.

ok lets look at the meaning of nutritional supplement. “supplement” means ‘in addition to.’ In addition to what? Nutrition! So it means in addition to your normal nutrition/ diet/ food. THEREFORE, Food is not a SUPPLEMENT. It pisses me off when people do this and the exact same thing with steroids.

Glucosomine Sulfate by far…most of my joint and arthritis pain has been gone for a while.

Calm down dman, I’m pretty sure he was just pointing out that with the proper diet, most supplements just arent necessary. - PJ

hands down cybergenics and hot stuff

Thanks PJ.

Without a doubt, the best supplement is HMB, it feels like deca!!

I asked this question not too long ago, ECA"s were the most quoted effective supplement, it seemed creatine came in 2nd. My boyfriend’s response was as usual " Hey Baby,I got an effective supplement for ya!" (Evil grin)

You are probably right, Hammer. But, it pisses me off when people do that shit in the anabolic board (like avoids roids or naturalman [dont remember which one]) goes in there says that his favorite anabolic is food ‘because its the most anabolic thing on the planet.’ No it isn’t. Its a different thing.

Hands down food. just kidding. Maybe all you need is proper diet but I had put on 35 lbs in 3 years. my fourth year I put on nothing. Using androsol I put on another 20 lbs.

I got ya dman, not trying to start anything here… I agree, the topic is about supplements, and food shouldnt be included. I just chimed in cause I happened to agree with brider that food is really the most necessary thing. Peace. - PJ

A Girl, sounds like what I tell the girl I’m seeing, I tell her I’m helping her with “protein supplementation”… hee hee!

Cytoplex, hands down no questions asked, I used it for my contest dieting, and now that i am bulking I take it 3 times a day on top of 4 solid whole food meals its great for whatever you want to do because of the shitloads of anticatabolics

ROBUSTO What are the anticatabolic nutriets?

Stuntgod, so I’m assuming you’re recommend Androsol. 20 lbs on it, how long did that take and were you going very heavy? Suppose that I supplemented the hell out of myself and I was eating a perfectly clean healthy diet, could you get stretch marks and be all natural. It’s not really a concern, but just a question.

Krak sorry about not responding sooner my mother board went down. I had no problems with stretch marks I gained 13 lbs first 3 week cycle took 4 weeks off and gained 11 lbs second 3 week cycle. I lost 4 lbs total in the off cycle. I think stretch my be genetics but I do get plenty of oil and vit. E in my diet.

I don’t like creatine because when I take it I am crapping green spongey shit every 10 minutes. I found the best supplements are Androsol, the eca, and tribex. I gained weight on androsol and tribex pretty well. I know this sounds like their advertising but let me tell you how I know it was’nt just my mind. Any time I do a steroid cycle, I always get sensitive nipples, not bitch tits, but they get sensitive… Getting them sucked is so great at this point by my girl while I get a handy! Anyhow, I get this on the androsol/tribex 500 cycle. I have done two of these cycles for 3 weeks each and I gained 9lbs on my first and 6 on my second. I also must say I am very sensitive to any steroid. I had my first cycle as a senior in high school and took throughout that year off and on. I went from 5’5-128 to 5’5 and 1 fuckin 70 that year alone…I am now 19(two years later) and been clean for a couple years and am a lean 167… I am about to leave to basic for the army so I guess I will be 110 when I get back!!