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effective supplements

I remember reading about a supplement called Glutacene on this borad, most people were raving about it’s effects. Does anybody know where i can get this (i’m in toronto,canada). Can someone share there expieriences with Ribose C, and would it work well while taking Methoxy 7. Thanks in advance

Aaron, Glutacene is a powder mix of glutamine and branched chain amino acids. Marketed by Advanced Genetics, Glutacene is indeed a fine product, one I’ve found to be worthwile during my workouts. It should be available from any good mail order or internet supplement source.
Do a search of Test for info on stacking Methoxy-7 and Ribose-C, it’s been discussed at length. No big secret; take Ribose-C before and after each weight workout, and Methoxy-7 twice per day. That’s it.