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Effective/Stimulating Reps and Double Progression

Coach Thibaudeau I know you and Chris Beardsley have talked and wrote about effective reps.

Would the double progession model for the main lift of 5x3-5 reps be a good method to go about it ?..as opposed to all out failure sets?

I’ve seen him recommend 3 to 5 sets to failure per muscle which would give 15-25 effective reps.

But something like 5x3 with a 5 rep max weight would also give 15 effective reps without maybe so much CNS fatigue?

Just wondering your thoughts about this topic of effective reps and the best method to implement it for the main lift of the workout.

Thank you.

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CT has shared this image before,

If you do 5x3-5 on your main lift and you have an assistance lift that hits similar muscles and you use 80% of your 1RM on your main lift I’m certain you could find a suitable way to program your assistance lift (rep range/load) where you’ll average 20-25 effective reps per session.

Recently I’ve used a similar approach (still sketching it out) to reason about the load and rep scheme for my main lift (I don’t really have the attention span for 5x3-5, I’m preferential to 3 worksets. 4 if it’s a movement I “enjoy”) viewing it more as strength-skill and then filling in the gaps hypertrophy wise by hitting failure three times on a machine.

I take plenty of rest during the main lift to ensure the quality of the work and can then on the machine “save” time by doing something like double rest pause.

Will be interesting to read what Coach has to say.

Thanks. Yea that graph is a little different from Beardsley who says only the last 5 reps of any set have an impact on fast twitch growth.

And I’m interested to hear his thoughts on the main lift as well if he can!

It’s still a theoretical model that lacks actual evidence. Anyway by what we know research wise and anecdotally, this graph makes sense