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Effective Split Routine

I have been using total body workouts for over 6 months now and I wanted to switch it up and try a body part split. What I have in mind is:

Day 1: Chest/Back 3x8
Day 2: Shoulders/Bis 3x8
Day 3: off
Day 4: Legs/Tris 3x8
Day 5: Chest/Back 4x6
Day 6: off
Day 7: Tris/Bis 4x6
Day 8: Legs/Tris 4X6

I would appreciate any feedback on this. Also I was not sure if for a body part split it would be okay to alternate excercises. For example, if two of my excercises for back and chest day were BB bench press and BB row, could i do set of bench, take a 60s rest, do a set of rows, take 60s rest, and repeat until im done those excercises? (doing the same for the entire workout. Any advice would be really helpful.

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This is a good program, by Tim Henriques, called The Shut Up Program. It’s a good and simple split you might want to check out.