Effective SERM/AI Use

I must have read the sticky a dozen times and while i understand the the basic concepts of what both SERMs and AIs do, I’m not sure as to how to translate this into an effective dosage through the cycle and as a PCT.
How do i determine exactly what i should be running and when? I think its especially important for my next cycle in which im running two orals in the first four weeks and don’t know if i need to be running something throughout this. I have never had problems with gyno but i think it may be an issue during this cycle. If anything, what else should i be running during a cycle like this:

Wk1-8 Test E @ 500-750mg/wk E3D
Wk1-4 Anadrol @ 100mg ED
Wk1-4 Winstrol @ 50mg ED
Wk10-13 Nolvadex 40/30/20/20.

Should I be running adex through this cycle? Or anything else? I’m sorry there are so many questions in this post but I just want to eliminate all doubts.

You should run Letrozole through this ENTIRE cycle as your AI.
If you dont want, or cant get that, use Arimidex.

The dose of the AI will likely be higher during the first 4 weeks compared to the last 4, as adding drol to test increases the effectiveness of estrogen massively.

Either way, when there are ANY aromatising steroids used in a cycle then an AI is used throughout to control estrogen levels.



So during the tail end of the cycle should i start coming off the AI? And then wait for my test to be out of my system then start on the pct? or should i use the AI all the way through the end and then start my pct as planned?

Use the AI all the way through (you can even continue low dose 0.5mg/w split into EOD doses throughout PCT and beyond if desired to maintain low normal E2 and maximize free testosterone).

You can use around 0.5mg/d Adex when you are on both test & drol. Once drol run is over, you can drop to 0.25mg/d. Adjust Adex dose according to how you individually respond. Everyone is different. Keep an eye out for excessive bloating, poor libido, achy joints, or mental fogginess. If those occur dose needs to be either increased or decreased according to the symptoms that present. If none present, your dose is fine.

Thanks for the straightforward information. Makes a ton more sense now.