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Effective Planning of a Workout


Firstly, Iâ??d just like to say that this is not a request for a free programme just in case the question leads to thinking otherwise, it is for some advice on the effective planning of workouts, based around size and strength.

Reading through a lot of your work, and through personal experience, I can see and have found that â??garbage volumeâ?? for me, is often a problem, and I have tried to eliminate this as much as possible by focussing on the main lifts that work for me and reducing the less effective exercises. I am a big fan of training low reps as this just works better, everything seems to just tank when I delve into â??bodybuilding repsâ??, so doing things like the â??heavy singles for sizeâ?? help me alot.

However I am training for size and strength, training bodyparts twice a week, the main problems I always find when trying to effectively plan my workouts are:
1) How many points along the force spectrum should you implement over the workout/between the workouts? (i.e. 1-3 reps, 4-6 reps, holds, TUT, overload, pauses).

2) Or is it better to have one goal for the session (i.e strength, power) and apply this to all exercises, regardless as to if they are for assistance work, or vary the type of stimulus in that session?

3) When applying holds or timed carries, is it better to use a ones related to the bodypart already trained, or one for another bodypart?
I was thinking activating with an overload, performing my main strength work for the exercise(s) of choice (depending on goal) and finishing with a heavy hold for the hypertrophy type work since the normal â??3x8â?? just never works for me.
Thanks in advance,